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About Us

Angel's Care firmly believes that everyone we care for has a uniqueness that should be respected. As a Christian-based health care services provider, we treat our patients and employees like brothers and sisters in the Lord. The elderly, ill, disabled and frail deserve to receive the maximum level of care they need to attain wellness physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. The best place for this is within the comforts of your own home.

Our care services are not limited by considerations of race, color, national origin, social status or nature of health conditions or religion. Because we are Christian based this in no way limits, hinders or alienates anyone from our services. ALL ARE WELCOME. We offer our services to all those whom we can assist through Home Health Aide Services, Bible Study, Medical Transportation, Geriatric Care, Nurse Consultation, the Food Ministry, Neurological Monitoring and our Prayer Line.

Every member of the Angel's Care LLC staff is compassionate and caring, demonstrating love and patience for clients of all ages.  We provide Free Home health training to handpicked individuals. We conduct extensive background check and skills assessment prior to employment. This enables us to select the finest from the pool of applicants. The hiring of our care team is a critical part of our operations because these people will be taking care of those who matter to you the most. We create a safe and comfortable environment for you to communicate with the aides, nurses and health care professionals. They are the bearers of the Angel's Care mark of excellence.

Have no clue where to begin? No problem, allow us to teach you Home Care 101.

Loved one in the hospital? No problem allow us to make  your transition an easy one

Live out of state and just can't get here to handle mom or dad's affairs? No problem contact the President directly at  for safe and secure options.

We act as health care advocates for our patients and for anyone in need in need of assistance with legal matters, heating issues, application assistance including but not limited to the following (rental, Medicaid, global options, VA applications) all governmental correspondence, etc.

 In the event you find home care services is not the right option, allow us to assist by directing you in the right path..... We will point you in the right direction through our vast array of referral options...

We speak multiple languages too, including but not limited to Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic etc.)

Find the very best care for your loved one. Get in touch with us today to discuss your Home Care needs.                   

We are Joint Commission accredited with ID # 470083.      

We speak multiple languages too, including but not limited to Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic etc.